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The Desire For Freedom

May 12, 2012

There is an congenital admiration for abandon aural anniversary and every one of us. For some of us it manifests grossly as the admiration to accomplish some acting ambition like a new car or a bigger job, in others it is added accomplished and the admiration is for amaranthine peace, joy, or love. But the admiration to be chargeless is artlessly allotment of animal nature. Some are bound in concrete prisons with metal confined and crave to be chargeless of that, but about anybody is bound in the brainy bastille of the apperception and in fact craves, sometimes unknowingly, to be chargeless of it. The acumen is this: any moments of getting chargeless from all limitation in any afire of time-simply endlessly the anarchy for an afire and getting still-are and were the happiest moments of an individual’s life. Amaranthine peace, joy, and adulation are the accustomed accompaniment of the animal being, but we get in the way. We appoint in all sorts of thoughts that accept annihilation to do with the Presence of the present, but with account accompanying to the accomplished or the future.

There exists in every moment this pure, absolute river of grace, love, and accord within. It may assume difficult to admission but in fact is the simplest affair in the world. All that is appropriate is to let go. There is annihilation difficult about absolution go; we just accept an ceaseless addiction to authority on. It takes so abundant activity to authority on; it takes no activity to let go. Activity is like a river, fluidly affective from one point to the next. If we attack to authority on to the brambles forth the shoreline, to our judgments and ideas, it is painful. If we artlessly bead whatever is not confined us, abandon occurs. We go with the flow.

There is a admirable archetype of absolution go that anybody has experienced. It has occurred with the accomplishment of any afire desire. Accept you anytime capital something so abominably that you just aren’t abiding what you’ll do if you don’t get it? What happens if you get that thing? I’ll accord my own acquaintance with this. One time, added than annihilation I capital to win a video bold tournament. I won. There were again a few abrupt moments of beatitude if I had won and my apperception was in a accompaniment of desirelessness-of freedom-because I had accomplished my capital admiration at the time and there was a aeon of just getting agreeable that it was fulfilled. But what happened aural the next few moments? I capital to beat more; I had added acquisitiveness for the joy of winning. How generally does this appear in our lives? There is something we "just can’t live" without, be it a new car, a bigger job, a new romance, or new clothes, if that affair is obtained, about instantly we wish something else! Our association is mad with a ache alleged approaching happiness. There is so abundant accent on getting blessed at some point in the future, if the alone adventitious for beatitude happens in the present moment, appropriate now.

What is there to do about this madness? Dedicate every moment to experiencing abandon appropriate now, to experiencing accord appropriate now, if your greatest admiration is some anatomy of happiness. Discover what it is that creates peace. Discover it for yourself, don’t do what I did which was to accept anyone else’s account of area accord comes from. Learn and use a airy convenance which will absolute you to that peace-a feel pointing to your heart-but again stop searching at the feel and attending in your heart. Stop searching alfresco of yourself for fulfillment. It alone anytime comes from the inside. We are all Gods and Goddesses who ancient in our lives absitively accept in abridgement and limitation. There is much, abundant added to be accomplished than is frequently believed. It all starts from absolution go. And you deserve it.

Satyameva Jayate

"Truth Alone Triumphs"

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